Property presentation

In an increasingly competitive property market, real estate clients seeking the very best sales results need professional property presentation to help homes stand out from the pack.

Or, if you’re a landlord keen to attract the best possible tenant for your investment property, our experienced property presentation cleaning specialists can help your home sparkle.

We solve problems for real estate agents, legal trustees, and managers of deceased estates because we take care of the complex cleaning needs that is often left to family members and friends.

We don’t judge what we find in someone’s home – we simply clean it.

If the former resident had other issues, such as suffering a traumatic accident in the home, or mental health issues that may have led to issues around hoarding and squalor, you can trust our STC Services team of skilled cleaners to provide thorough cleaning services with a sensitive touch.

Our cleaners are caring and compassionate and because we have forged a reputation as leaders in our field, you can look forward to exceptional results, with cleaning quality and attention to detail that will transform your property and add value.

As specialised trauma cleaning experts, we go above and beyond the knowledge of a regular cleaning company to deliver impressive outcomes – both inside and out.

With the cleaning experience to take your property from squalor to sparkling, we can also work with family members to declutter, re-organise and maximise storage and space for the best possible impression.

At STC Services, all our professional equipment complies with state-specific OH&S standards.

Our comprehensive cleaning services include commercial standard cleaning, deodorising and sanitising – and, because we can supply generators for emergency power lighting, pressure washers, carpet cleaning, steam-vapour cleaning and chemical decontamination, we deliver results in the most challenging settings and situations.

Call us today on 1300 583 583 to discuss your property presentation cleaning needs.

Natural &Amp; Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Options Are Available

Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products options are available.

In the last few years, we’ve been extra thoughtful about what we use to clean our spaces. We prefer to avoid harsh cleaning products, like bleach, and keep a critical eye on the ingredients in our household products.