Sandra Pankhurst

Sandra Pankhurst. 1953 – 2021
Founder Specialised Trauma Cleaning Services

See Sandra’s Interview with SBS TV show – The Feed in a documentry called ‘Coming Clean: The life of a trauma cleaner’

Sandra Pankhurst, Founder

As a transgender woman who was adopted, as a baby, into an abusive family, Sandra was forced to live a malnourished, isolated life, with a backyard shed as her childhood bedroom.

From small beginnings, Sandra Pankhurst built one of Australia’s largest and most successful trauma cleaning businesses and today, Sandra’s legacy lives on – with STC Services company offering essential cleaning and remediation services to people when they need it most.

In that era of working-class Australia, transgender issues were not accepted or understood and Sandra’s struggle with her male identity and her feelings that she was different than the body – and life – she had been born into created confusion and unhappiness.

In her 20s, after coming out and transitioning, Sandra worked in brothels and clubs across Australia before finding solace in an unlikely profession as one of Australia’s first female funeral directors.

Sandra accomplished and experienced a lot in her life and, as anyone who has read the best-selling story of her life, The Trauma Cleaner, knows, her journey was filled with her own personal trauma.

Those life experiences and challenges gave Sandra a unique understanding of the way people move through trauma – and it is this authentic empathy, strength and insight that continues to inform the team who work within the STC Services’ team.

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The Trauma Cleaner Cover

The Trauma Cleaner

Won the prestigious Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards in 2018, as well as the Australian Book Industry Award (ABIA) in 2018. It was success and recognition that led to Sandra becoming a sought-after public speaker, with numerous media appearances across radio, print, television, and podcasts.

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