Crime Scene Cleaning

When a crime scene is created – and after all the forensic evidence has been collected – the reality of what’s left behind is a traumatic and often very messy situation.

Before professional crime scene services existed, the clean-up of traumatic crime scenes was typically left to family and friends – a grim task that only added to their pain and suffering.

Blood and bodily fluids can’t be ignored and because of the complex nature of stain removal, as well as ensuring the affected areas are left thoroughly decontaminated and free from any debris and potential health risks, cleaning up after crime scenes is not something that can be handled by a standard cleaning service.

Our team is guided by decades of training and practical experience, combined with the latest technology and purpose-designed tools that help identify and remediate properties affected by crime scene trauma.

Blood-borne pathogens and other bodily fluids can present serious health risks if not properly cleaned and with our professional team of experienced crime scene cleaners (also known as bioremediation specialists, or forensic cleaners), your property is in safe hands.

Disinfecting the crime scene is often only the beginning.

Depending on the nature of the crime, thorough remediation of the scene may involve removal of damaged carpets, floorboards, and other soft furnishings where blood splatters and other bodily fluids have created stains. Restoring paintwork, damaged plaster board, or other repair and remediation work may be further steps in the crime scene clean-up process.

It’s attention to detail that ensures complete removal of upsetting reminders of the crime scene that also ensures protection from infection and disease transmission.

By removing harmful biological contaminants, with professional tools, cleaning supplies and our hands-on experience that has been honed over many crime scene clean-ups, your property is thoroughly remediated.

For your added protection – and the protection of our team

All our skilled cleaning technicians wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, respiratory gear, and bio-hazard suits. Creating clean zones during our clean-up process ensures complete separation of contaminated areas and, once the clean-up is completed to our team’s uncompromising standards, our bio-remediation specialists remove all bio-hazardous materials (such as furniture, blood-soaked rugs, or other floor coverings and affected household items) and dispose of them safely and securely.

At STC Services, we understand that cleaning up after the death or traumatic injury of a loved one is a challenging situation to deal with and, because of that, our team’s extensive training equips us to deal with much more than cleaning alone.

Each member of our STC Services’ team undertakes a comprehensive induction and pre-employment protocol – and we’re proud of our caring approach and the sensitivity needed to support shocked and grieving loved ones in their most difficult times.