COVID-19 Cleaning throughout Melbourne

The effects of the global pandemic continue to disrupt the lives of everyday people, as well as the operational sustainability of schools, universities, hospitals, healthcare providers, private businesses, and organisations.

STC Services offer a range of deep cleaning and decontamination solutions to suit the ever-changing needs of those impacted by the evolving COVID-19 virus.

Our tailored approach delivers the most effective cleaning solutions to suit your needs and ensure your team members, customers and clients can access your sites in a way that’s safe and stress-free.

It’s a specialised and effective COVID-19 cleaning technique that we customise to suit your specifications and unique concerns.

Our thorough disinfection service and environmental cleaning utilises hospital-grade viricidal disinfectant, combined with foggers (mist-sprayers) that remove the need for direct contact with infected surfaces.

Our cleaning specialists wear appropriate PPE, including gloves, eyewear and face protection, to protect themselves – and your site – and because each member of our STC Services’ team has access to professional, purpose-designed cleaning equipment, tools and technology that handles every possible contaminant and clean-up need, you can trust us to provide you with a cleaning result that is healthy, hygienic and 100 per cent safe.

By adhering to best practice recommendations for deep cleaning of COVID-19, we provide exceptional cleaning results that give you and your team members complete peace of mind.

With our professional deep cleaning service to help reduce COVID transmission risks, we can help you operate efficiently and safely, with the least possible interruption to your services and success.

Call us today on 1300 583 583 to book our specialised COVID cleaning and decontamination.