Hoarding & Squalor

Cleaning sites impacted by residents with hoarding syndrome requires specialist skills and an understanding of the complex psychological issues that cause the hoarding behaviour.

Homes where compulsive hoarding occurs are often extremely chaotic, with the hoarding behaviour restricting traditional use of the home or commercial premises – often limiting movement and activities within the property.

STC strive to take away any shame or awkwardness and give people the assistance they need. As our founder Sandra Pankhurst repeatedly said “Life can change, just like that”…

We know mental health issues around anxiety and compulsive behaviours are complex.

In a home where hoarding behaviour has gone undetected for a long time can the ability to cook, clean, sleep and move through the house to access bathrooms and toilet can be severely impacted, which leads to other issues, such as poor nutrition, ill health, unhygienic living conditions, build-up of faeces, unwashed dishes, as well as dirty clothing and bedding.

Blocked hallways and rooms – often filled from floor-to-ceiling with piles of books, magazines, clothing, furniture, unwashed dishes, laundry, overflowing cat litter trays and both human and pet faeces soiling floor coverings and furniture, rotting food and the subsequent pest infestations that food waste attracts – make movement challenging. As aa result, life-threatening fire hazards, as well as poor sanitation and other dangerous health risks, as well as the complication of handling potentially dangerous animals are all genuine concerns.

Rather than judge the hoarders whose homes we work in, our experienced and caring STC Services’ trauma cleaning and hoarding clean-up specialists approach each cleaning task with compassion and genuine care.

At STC Services, we know that cleaning up hoarding situations isn’t just about handling the incredible mess – it can also involve dealing with people who are agitated and anxious about having strangers reorganise their home.
Our comprehensive training ensures we have the knowledge to remediate hoarding homes, as well as help clients and carers feel at ease in the most difficult situations.

Dealing directly with rubbish removal is only the beginning.

By implementing practical organisation strategies and restructuring both the design and function of rooms for more effective space and storage, our experienced STC Services’ team create sustainable cleaning and home organisation solutions.

STC Services’ appointment on the panel of Hoarding Behavioural Protocols for the City of Stonnington is testament to the deep professional respect our team has earned – a respect that is at the heart of our many meaningful connections with local government areas across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

As go-to cleaning experts to remediate extreme hoarding situations, our work encompasses problem-solving for private clients, as well as NDIS clients across Victoria. Being recognised as a preferred hoarding and squalor supplier for a number of medical and home organisation professionals working within the NDIS system, means that we work closely with a variety of clinics that look after the complex mental health issues of their clients.

Hoarding should not be ignored.

We deal with hoarding in a way that is sensitive, mindful, and well-managed – and always have the best interests and safety of our clients at the forefront of our approach.

Call us on 1300 583 583 to discuss hoarding clean-up, or NDIS needs.