Deceased Estates

Packing up a deceased estate demands care, integrity, honesty, and the sensitivity to deal with people going through a challenging process of grief.

At STC Services, each member of our highly experienced cleaning team is equipped with the knowledge of the complex needs around deceased estate clean-ups – and we approach every home we enter with genuine care and compassion.

We approach every home we enter with genuine care and compassion.

Before launching STC Services (formerly ATC Services), our founder, Sandra Pankhurst, worked within the funeral industry, where she developed a deep understanding of the distress living family members and friends experience as they grieve the loss of a loved one.

STC Services has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of deceased estate cleaning services and, with work that includes connections to individual, commercial and government clients, our knowledge of the unique needs surrounding deceased estate clean-ups is recognised and appreciated by everyone we help.

In times of mourning, the complex requirements of cleaning up a deceased estate property does not have to become the burden of friends and family members. At STC Services, our careful approach ensures thorough sorting, cleaning and management of all household items and belongings – something than can help minimise the stress around legal claims to items that need to be properly catalogued.

Deceased estate cleaning can be a challenging process that demands respectful behaviours and discussions. As well as ensuring the property we care for is presented in a saleable/lease-able or liveable condition, our deceased estate cleaning specialists also help minimise issues around family disputes.

More than two decades of hands-on deceased estate cleaning experience means that our STC Services’ specialists take care of every aspect of your deceased estate clean-up needs – from deodorising and sanitising, to sorting, itemising and re-organising your property.

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