Property Presentation

For the past two decades, STC has provided outstanding results for Real Estate clients, legal trustees and managers of deceased estates. Usually when someone passes away, the cleaning, management and sorting of their premises are left to their family members.

For those who have suffered a traumatic accident or for those who have been unwell or disabled, there will be a need for “Specialised Trauma Cleaning” that goes above and beyond the requirements and knowledge of a regular cleaning business.

Working with Real Estate Agents, Sandra and her team have consistently impressed agents by transforming properties to their former glory, both inside and out. STC works its magic, transforming squalor and trashed properties to a sparkling home, ready for Lease or Sale.

On a personal level, STC works with the family members to de-clutter, pick up belongings and re-organise the storage and interior of properties. On occasion, STC has even liaised with the auctioneer on the sale of valuable items. This takes the pressure and stress off the family at a time of grief.

STC Services provides commercial standard cleaning, deodorising and sanitising. It can provide generators for emergency power and lighting, pressure washers, carpet cleaning, steam-vapour cleaning and uses chemical decontamination equipment. All equipment used complies with state level OHS standards.