Hospitals & Health Care

STC works closely with a range of hospitals and health care providers on an ongoing basis. Hospitals have strict standards of hygiene and health care which extend to in-home, after-hospital care. STC’s professional accreditation includes membership of the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists and of SCRIA (the Specialised Cleaning Restoration Industry Association).

STC’s clients in this industry are The Alfred Hospital, Caulfield Community Health, Caulfield Hospital, Calvary Healthcare and Bethlehem Hospital.

STC manages the industrial level cleaning necessary for patients’ homes prior to them returning home after a stay in hospital. It is critical when patients go home and are immobile that everything is sterile in order to prevent any potential infections. Its service involves thorough cleaning of all surfaces including walls, floors, skirting boards, fixtures and hard-to-reach areas.

STC’s team has knowledge of how to ensure the patient’s home environment remains compliant with Infection Control Safety Standards. STC’s comprehensive cleaning service will keep the hygiene standards at a level high, enough for frail and post-operative patients to remain free from infection.

STC has the knowledge, expertise and equipment to manage a hospital’s requirements for patients transitioning from hospital to home. The team is available 24 hours-a-day to deal with your requirements quickly and cost-effectively. Call us now to discuss your immediate needs or any contractual cleaning requirements for patients at home.