Hoarder Cleaning

STC Services specialises in cleaning premises where residents suffer from hoarding syndrome. These homes are often extremely chaotic. Compulsive hoarding can prevent typical uses of space which may limit activities such as cooking, cleaning, moving through the house and sleeping. It can also be dangerous if it puts the individual, or others, at risk for fire, falling, poor sanitation and other health concerns.

Rather than judging hoarding, STC takes a compassionate and understanding approach to their client base. These clients may be nervous or distraught about having their premises cleaned and re-organised. STC staff is trained in putting clients and carers at ease in difficult situations. Dianella Community Health Service illustrates the STC attitude with the following note of thanks:

“I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for a job very well done. More specifically, your wonderful employees. They demonstrated respect and kindness to my client who was instantly put at ease by the engaging and friendly manner of your staff. I could not have asked for a lovelier, more professional and fun group of people. The quality of their work was of a very high standard, the house looks incredible and smells so much better!!”

Mental Health Outreach Worker, Dianella Community Health Service


“As a Professional Organiser specialising in working with hoarding clients I frequently encounter homes with mould, accumulated dust, pet dander, human and animal waste, rotting food and infestations. STC have been my preferred specialist cleaning supplier for over three years.  Sandra and her team not only deal with the accumulated debris quickly and efficiently, I trust them to treat my clients with compassion and respect, even under the most trying of conditions. Hoarding is not a problem solved quickly or easily and Sandra is well versed in the current best practice in cleaning a hoarded home.”

Wendy Hanes, Skeletons in The Closet


STC restores order to these homes by not only cleaning, but by re-organising and structuring the design and function of rooms for space and storage. It also assists with de-cluttering and better future management of furniture and belongings.

One of our recent achievements was being appointed on the panel of Hoarding Behavioural Protocols for the City of Stonnington.  Being on the panel allows STC Services to have input into the required policies and procedures, that should be implemented to deal with persons whom suffer from hoarding.

STC Services are the preferred Hoarder and Squalor Cleaning supplier for Wendy Hanes from Skeletons in The Closet, whom works in collaboration with Dr. Ranjit Menon and Dr. Chris Mogan of the Anxiety Clinic Richmond.

The Department of Health has recently released two new publications in relation to hoarding.  These have been developed with input from a broad range of stakeholders. Both documents assert that all programs and services need to contribute their expertise to hoarding or squalor circumstances, not ignore them.