STC Services has a long history in dealing with a range of government bodies. Where the need for “Specialised Trauma Cleaning” is complex and varied, STC has gathered an extensive range of specialist skills to deal with each situation and their clients.

Local Councils often utilise the services of STC for their mobility community support networks. So too have environmental offices, aged care facilities and community services across Victoria. Not-for-Profit Community Groups have included Benetas, New Horizons, Community Connect, Salvation Army and the Brotherhood of St Laurence. In each situation, STC ensures that properties are made safe by decontaminating and eliminating blood-borne pathogens, followed by extensive sorting of dangerous materials and safe disposal of hazardous waste.

STC Services has the compassion to deal with both the residents as well as their carers (a very underestimated and valued ability). Its knowledge of the industry and ability to deal with local government, state government, community and hospital groups is unsurpassed in the industry.

The causes of trauma scenes are varied and can arise from a police “crime scene” to accidental flood or fire. Longer-term neglect occurs where the premises have fallen into disrepair, due to drug/alcohol misuse and mental health issues, or where residents have become elderly and/or physically disabled.

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Crime scene cleaning specialists

Crime Scene clean-up is a specific term that covers the following situations:

  • Clandestine methamphetamine laboratory contamination
  • Flood and sewage backups
  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • Human decompositions
  • Hoarding (pack rat houses)
  • Bird or rodent droppings (hantavirus/histoplasmosis dangers)
  • Toxic mould, spore and fungus remediation
  • Distressed property remediation (unfit for habitation)
  • Animal and pet odours
  • Biological terrorism
  • Mass casualty scenes
  • Police chemicals usage
  • Disease outbreaks

STC provides a fast, responsive Crime Scene service consisting of highly trained personnel who are experienced with bio-hazardous waste clean-up, grieving families and insurance companies. STC specialises in providing a professional, sensitive approach, whilst minimising distress.

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