Deceased Estates

STC Services has a long and committed history to dealing with deceased estate trauma cleaning and with clients of deceased estates. Prior to establishing STC Services (formerly ATC Services), the Director, Sandra Pankhurst, had a career working with the funeral industry. Sandra has had hundreds of individual, commercial and government clients who employ STC to manage this specialist area.

Usually, when someone passes away, the cleaning, management and sorting of their premises are left to their family members.

Cleaning for deceased estates requires sensitivity to client needs as well as strong attention to detail, to ensure properties are restored to a saleable or let-able standard.

This can require respectful conversations and an ability to understand the grief that an individual is experiencing. Sorting through a loved one’s belongings can be painful and delicate. Sandra and her team have a long history of helping those who may find these practical aspects difficult. On occasion, STC has even liaised with the auctioneer on the sale of valuable items. This takes the stress off the family at a time of grief.

After 21 years in the business, it is clear that STC has results in terms of the technical aspects of sanitising, deodorising and re-organising households for sale. What cannot be overestimated is STC’s strength in helping others navigate through the chaos of death and bereavement.

With Sandra’s background in the funeral industry, her ethics, understanding and compassion permeate her approach and the approach of her dedicated team.